Not just a sneaker obession

Blog 2

I’m honestly grateful to say that i have found someone who shares the same interest as me in sneakers. Someone I share most of my days and loves exactly what I love.

His name is Joesph, he’s 19 years old and he is my boyfriend who is a sneaker enthusiant as well. He has been collecting longer than I have so he has a lot more ahead of me on how many pairs we each have.

When it comes to deciding what shoes to add to each of our collections we both have very different opinion on sneakers.
My boyfriend likes loud colors, I on the other hand like more common colors and patterns. We don’t always agree on liking each other shoes, which at times can be a problem. Especially when he wants me to buy certain sneakers to match with him, because since we started dating we casually at times wear matching sneakers.

Wearing matching sneakers with my boyfriend always gives me an explainable feeling because I know what it means to both of us. I love having people complimenting us everywhere we go, having people turn heads just to look at our sneakers but most of all I love getting spoiled by him with new shoes! Every pair that he has bought me have such a special meaning to me and I love wearing them and think of him while there on my feet.

Being in a relationship with someone who shares the same interest as me is truly a blessing, not many people can say that, but I’m grateful I can. Not only does it bring us closer but it has helped us make plans in the future, like build our own sneaker store that is definitely a work in process but I know we’ll make it happen.