Mlb Showdown Strategy

Something else to add to the game is Strategy Cards. In the rule book your suppose to have a 40 card deck and 5 cards in your hand. The way me and my league play is you have 9 cards in your hand with no deck. So you have to choose when you want to use them. You also can play more than one card on a player if you would like.

There are some cards that I really enjoy playing. Patient is a virtue that card say if your batter has an on base of 10 and he rolls a ground ball change it to a walk. When I play that I also play grounder to second and that card is if the batter rolls a pop up, or a fly ball change it to a ground ball. So basically its a free walk unless my batter strikes out. I also like 1,2,3 inning  that is if your pitcher has a 1,2,3 inning you have to discard a card and the pitcher gets another inning pitched. There is a new card that i like and that is called mind games. that makes me remove any card that is on the field i can remove it.

There is some other cards that I will change in and out but those are my favorite cards. I had to go out an buy some more because the other players in my league were beating me because they had better cards than me. Right now with the team that I have I am going to win the world series. My team last year went 16-16 without having  good cards. I had the best team but guys had to find ways around the rules and they cheated I thought, so they know what really is going on. Lets get it this year.