Hair, Here and Everywhere! : Simple and cute ways to do your hair

Teased hair (Straightened)

For this hair-do you’ll mainly need a straightener or curler, a teasing comb/brush etc., and last but not least, volumizing hairspray. The first thing you’d want to do is brush out your hair thoroughly to avoid and tangles whilst straightening or curling your hair. I will be straightening my hair for this one. Secondly, apply on hair protection all around your hair. This will help shield it from any heat damage. Step 3: Simply straighten your hair. Now, when you’re done straightening everything you will need to take a section of your hair, just at the top of the crown and apply hairspray on the hairs closer to your roots (because that’s where you’ll be teasing). The next step is to take your teasing comb or brush, whatever you’re more comfortable using and start brushing in a downwards position. That will create tangles, which is perfectly normal. After you are done with that section of your hair, flip it towards the front and start on the next one and tease it how you would the first time. When you’re done teasing the top part of your head or the crown area, flip all that hair towards the back. It will look really messy but we’re not done yet. Next you can take the side pieces of your hair and start teasing them as you would at the top of your head and simply repeat the following. After you’re done with that you will notice that it all looks very tangled and sloppy, maybe even a little lop sided but don’t worry, this is when you take your brush or comb and brush back your hair (not too much) just enough to smoothen it out and get your desired look. Fix any other flaws and there you have it! Teased hair!