So pretty!

Eyebrows honey!

Eyebrows they are the best and worst things, and they always need to be nice and tidy. We all know a good pair of tweezers can make a wonderful set of eyebrows that are nicely shaped and clean. But it doesn’t just take a pair of great tweezers, it takes an eyebrow brush and small precision scissors. Like these shown. It is a process on doing your eyebrows and also lets not forget a bit painful. It’s always those one hairs that are thicker and close to your eye that hurt the most! Especially when it hurt you so much that your eye starts to water, ouch! Those are the worst. Also a tip if you haven’t done your eyebrows by yourself be extra careful. If you are just starting to do them yourself then start with just cleaning them up and not shaping. And ease up om shaping them, I know I’ve tired to and ended up with one eyebrow half gone. I used to have my cousin do them all the time, but she started to become too busy to keep doing my eyebrows. So the last time she did them I started to just clean them myself and started to do what I remembered she did. It’s a learning process but will always be a pain.

As for coloring in your eyebrows; pencil is okay I tried that at first, but thought it was too dark and didn’t look to natural. So I started to use eye shadow, there are some that are specifically for your eyebrows, but I literally use eye shadows. It’s by Wet N’ Wild and it comes in this type of palette and I only use one color out of the pallet of five. The middle one to be exact. And with that said of filling in eyebrows and it is not pencil you need a good angles brush like the one in the slideshow. Also if you are light complected choose wisely on your color for your eyebrow.