A Walk Through The Draft (Post Draft) 4

NFL Draft Opinion/Review

This is day 4 of my draft opinion/review blog, and today ill be reviewing the Titans, Vikings, and the Lions. Two of these picks were a bit surprising to say the least. Lets get to it.

9th overall pick- Minnesota Vikings (Traded from Bills)

With the 9th overall pick the Vikings picked Anthony Barr, Outside Linebacker, UCLA, the pick itself wasn’t surprising. Its the fact that they traded down one spot and then picked him. Barr was my favorite outside linebacker in this draft and i feel that he a good fit for them. I cant wait to see him suited up as a Minnesota Viking. With the 32nd pick in the first round, the Vikings also selected Teddy Birdgewater, Quarter Back, University of Louisville, and that pick wasn’t the best of picks in my opinion. Derek Carr seemed to have more upside.

10th overall pick- Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions took Eric Ebron, Tight End, North Carolina University, with the 10th overall pick which was extremely out of the blue to me. Tight ends normally never go that high and if they do its because they have some once every ten year trait like Vernon Davis’s speed. To me this guy is a very good tight end, but hes not great, nor does he have a special trait. They could have helped their team a lot more by picking up someone else. Only time will tell with this kid.

11th overall pick- Tennessee Titans

The Titans chose Taylor Lewan, Offensive Tackle, University of Michigan, and this kid is huge. At 6’7” 309 pounds, he will be out powering defensive lines hopefully for along time to come. Overall i like this pick for them, some thought that they might get a quarterback but that didn’t happen.

Tomorrow’s blog will include the New York Giants, St. Louis Rams (Again), and the Chicago Bears, which are picks 12-14.