A Walk Through The Draft (Post Draft) 3

NFL Draft Opinion/Review

This is day three of my NFL Draft opinions and what i thought should have happened and i will be doing three teams today. Lets get started.

6th overall pick- Atlanta Falcons

With the 6th pick, the Atlanta Falcons took Jake Matthews, Offensive Tackle, Texas A&M, he is the perfect player that Atlanta needed. Matt Ryan has been taking hits for a few years now and it seemed like he had zero protection. At least now he will have someone covering his blindside. In terms of football, If your quarterback is your car, then you need a offensive tackle for the insurance.

7th overall pick- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected a guy named Mike Evans, Wide Receiver, Texas A&M, and i think this guy is an absolute beast. He is 6’5” 231 pounds ¬†and he is as quick as a cat, or something like that. He has excellent hands and can out jump almost anyone who matches up against him. His flaw looks to be his route running ability, he runs his routes with predictability. This guy is the best wide receiver in this draft in my opinion, not Sammy Watkins. Let me know what you think. Mike Evans and Jake Matthews were teammates drafted right next to each other, just an interesting thing that doesn’t happen all too often.

8th overall pick- Cleveland Browns (Traded from Vikings)

The Cleveland Browns have so many holes in their team that its impossible to fill all of them in one draft, but with the 8th pick, They took Justin Gilbert, Corner Back, Oklahoma State University. This kid was one of the many great coner backs in this draft. Although i dont think he was the best out of the bunch, i think he fit the Browns scheme the best out of them all.

Tomorrow i will be going through picks 9-11, which are the Vikings, Lions, and Titans.