A Walk Through The Draft (Post Draft) 2

NFL Draft Opinion/Review

This is day of the Post Draft blogs and today i plan on running through three draft picks instead of two, so consider that a little bonus for the day. My plan is to get at least 16 teams done in these six days.

3rd overall pick- Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars was the first huge surprise of the draft. They went out on a limb and selected Blake Bortles, Quarterback, University of Central Florida, He was second in the list of quarterbacks for me, but i had him going pretty high up, however i did not expect him to go number three overall. I think he will be a good player if he is brought up properly and if they give him time on the bench to learn before he plays. If the Jags rush him out on the field, he will fail im afraid.

4th overall pick- Buffalo Bills (Traded from Browns)

The Buffalo Bills traded up to get a player they apparently fell in love with. That players name is Sammy Watkins, Wide Receiver, Clemson University, he is a very well rounded player with very good speed, solid hands, and decent size. That being said, im not as high on him as a lot of other people are. I think he will be a decent player, but i don’t see him becoming a star in the National Football League. I don’t even think he was the best wide receiver in this draft, but ill get more into that in a later blog.

5th overall pick- Oakland Raiders

This was the most popular pick around Stockton, as well as its expected to be. The Oakland Raiders selected Khalil Mack, Outside Linebacker, University of Buffalo, The Raiders have a track record of being very poor at drafting players, but this year i honestly believe they chose perfectly and really picked up a huge talent for their team. People were upset for a slight second that they didnt draft Johnny Manziel, but those people quickly will get over him once Mack starts making plays.

Next will be the Falcons, Buccaneers, and the Browns.