80’s and 90’s fashion coming back.

Whoa! Fashion has changed from back then to now, but it seems 80’s and 90’s fashion has come back. Like for example halter tops and destroyed jeans and high-wasted shorts were back in the 80’s and they came back in style. A lot of girls have been wearing them lately. Singers have been wearing halter tops in their performances, I’ve been noticing. Celebrities wear them to red carpets or to appearances. Girls been wearing high-wasted shorts with cute tops and cardigans. Destroyed jeans are in too. See they’ve came back. Their really cute.

Oh yeah those crop tops and Doc Martins have come back since 80’s and 90’s. Mostly girls wear crop tops at my school. I see girls wearing those Doc Martins at the mall, streets, and other places. Crop tops are really cute. I don’t really think those Doc Martens are cute. Their too high.

Combat and Timberland boots are so popular, especially in the winter. Girls would wear them all the time. They go with mostly everything. Their cute.

Plaid flannels and double denim have been lately in style now. Girls and guys wear flannels on or around their waists. Girls wear around their waist with tights and combat boots or Doc Martins. Guys just mostly wear them. Double denim too is everywhere. I think its cute.

Jogging pants has come back too. Rappers and singers have been wearing them like for example, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Jay-Z, French Montana, and others. I think their ugly and guys shouldn’t wear them.

Wind breakers and track suits are in style again. You see them in movies. I see kids at my school with windbreakers and track suits wearing them. I like windbreakers and think their nice.

I like how the 80’s and 90’s fashion has come back into style now. It’s really cute.