The “fast lane”

The “fast lane”. Where you have to pay to be on a fast lane. Verizon, Comcast and others are going to court with the FCC on net neutrality. Verizon and Comcast want to make people pay for the websites you go on, for example 29.99 and month for yahoo, cnn , etc. 39.99 for google, bing, etc. and 49.99 for YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, twitter. They want to do what they do to cable to the internet. Charge people for what they want to see, similar to HBO and stars. From what I heard there is a huge possibility that the FCC will let that happen. And the end of the day all those companies want is money. We all want money right? A large percentage of people that use the internet daily don’t have the money to pay for the internet bill AND the bill that will come if you want to google something. ┬áThe internet is a place where people go on their free time, go on YouTube watch their favorite vloggers or favorite shows, we support those content providers by watching and liking their videos. Most of these youtubers live off of their YouTube pay check. There isn’t just a few of these youtubers, there are a ton. And the numbers are growing. Now what will happen to these youtubers, bloggers, journalist, if this net nuetraliy goes through. They won’t have a job. They can’t connect with all their fans through Facebook or twitter either. I don’t know what these companies are thinking but they should just leave the internet how it is. I’m hoping major companies like google or apple step in and stop this, because it is going to damage them too.