Mlb Showdown outfielders

Today we are going to go over outfielders. This position is a combination of speed and power and defense. From past experience I had a weak outfield but a great infield. I would say go and get a great outfield with power and speed. My team right now is with Trout, Bret Gardner, and Ben Revere. All three of those players have speed above 21. This is outstanding.
Trout arguable the best player in the game with 22 speed, +3 defense max at centerfield, 10 on base and hits an extra base hit at 12. Trout at 610 points does everything you need you can builder your team around him. He can bat leadoff or middle the order he is just that type of player. Now Andrew McCutchen same skill set but he is 21 speed and doesn’t hit extra bases like trout but he is a lot cheaper with +3 defense also. Carlos Gonzales a combination of speed and power at 500 points is a good card, but it depends on your team personally I don’t like him but there will be some guys out there that will like him
Now if you are looking for power this is the spot for some power hitters. Most of these guys won’t have on base 10. These guys are usually around 9 or 8 on base and sometimes 7s. Hunter pence a prime example extra bases at 15 8 on base he is pricy but he does pay off. Most of you guys know him by joey bats! This guy is the guy you want if you are looking for some power 9 on base and homers 17-20 awesome chart.
Now some of you guys out there probably have your cards and saying man such and such is a good card. There are some other good cards out there like either, Puig, and Choo. All three of those guys are great cards to target too.
If you need an outfielder at cheap points in the 50-100 range here would be some guys to check out. J.b shuck 70 points 21 speed 8 on base. Carl Crawford 70 points 21 speed 7 on base good chart.