The Day Before..

Blog #5

The day before the Quinceanera we were finally able to go down to the hall to practice and decorate. The people that came early to help were me, Yesenia, Michelle, her friend Amanda, Jazmine and Carlos. We had no idea how Yesenia’s mom wanted things set up so we just ended up getting the tables and chairs out. We had tons of fun putting the things in place. Once everyone got there about two hours later we had to put the table and chair clothes on. We also had to tie bows onto the chairs which was tiring yet hilarious because the boys were struggling except for Carlos. Out of boredom I tied a bow onto him, he was being a good sport and kept it on for a while. After a few more hours of decorating and blowing up balloons us kids left it to the adults to put up the finishing touches. We walked around the Fillipino plaza enjoying the cool night time breeze when all of a sudden things came flying at us. At first we had no idea what was going on, David and I walked over to the others and looked to see what was thrown at us. It ended up being apples. More were launched but none of us could see who was throwing them. The guys got protective and angry. Ricky (who is an amazing guy) started joking yelling “The wings are coming off now!” to whoever was throwing the apples. That line came into play because he happened to be wearing butterfly wings haha. Carlos and David were fumming so Yesenia and I drug them away and calmed them down. Seeing them mad was pretty interesting. The apple throwing stopped and the night went on.