Blog #4

More into the month we had to loose two people from the Quince. One because she couldn’t find a ride and missed a whole bunch of practices and the other one couldn’t come during the weekdays because of his school work. It sucked loosing those two but it had to be done. Since the two got kicked out changes in the partners needed to be made which wasn’t hard, things ended up working out smoothly. It seemed like loosing them would have tooken a huge toll on us but to be honest it really didn’t. Of course we missed Juan’s funny, positive, happy go attitude but honestly with Jess and I around we fulfiled his spot. Oh, can’t forget Jonathan, he also kept us laughing and happy. I still keep in contact with Flor and Juan but I’m not sure the others do. With them getting kicked out it caused tension which is never good. Its not like we could see Flor around school since she goes to Franklin but with Juan going here he keeps his distance from us when we’re all together.