Who wore it better?

Hey guys! So let’s talk about who wore it better “Miroslava Duma” at a private screening of James Franco’s documentary or “Zendeya Coleman” at Friends ‘N’ Family 17th Annual Pre-Grammy Party. Well the outfit they  wore was a Gucci Resort 2014 liquid-gold lamé jacket with a matching tunic and loose-fitting trousers. The outfit is made for someone who is tall and they both kind of are. The outfit is really cute and looks great on both of them but, Zendaya wore it better.

You could see that Miroslava trousers are covering her heels and doesn’t even look like she’s wearing any shoes. I think she could’ve added a clutch or bracelet or even a necklace. Her outfit is plain and simple. Although I like her hair updo, it makes the outfit look sophisticated and professional. How she wore it to, kind of looks like a work outfit. In my opinion she did not wear it better.

On the other hand Zendaya rocks the outfit in my opinion. I love how she wears her hair down and shades on. I like how she adds a clutch and a bracelet and some rings, it makes the outfit look complete. The heels totally go with it. They kind of stand out. The outfit too, makes her look older. I just really like the outfit on Zendaya, she wore it better. She owns it.

Who do you think wore it better?

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