My First Read

Blog #3

Welcome back! Well today I’m going to take you back in time to when I had my first read. I believe I was around the age 12 or 13 when I came across Miss Literati. I was up late one school night because I couldn’t sleep. Ill close my eyes, counted sheep, counted backwards from 100, but nothing worked. So I opened up my laptop, surfed the web, and came across Miss Literati.

I was in love with this group called Mindless Behavior at the time so the story I read was about them. It was about a girl named Jenna or Janae  (I forgot) who used to live in the same neighborhood as Prodigy (from mindless behavior) when they were kids, and had become best friends. Janae or Jenna had moved from the neighborhood when they were in middle school. Four years later she moved back in the neighborhood, but was a lot different than she was.

When she was younger she would play basketball, run, try to play football with the boys, but when she came back she couldn’t even look at a football or touch a basketball. She did a whole 180, and acted like she played in Mean Girls when she came back. Prodigy didn’t even notice his childhood best friend. He eventually got tired of her putting up a front, so he broke the new Janae or Jenna and tricked her into playing basketball with him and show off her skills. At the end of the story they had a Love&Basketball type of relationship.