MLB Showdown Pitchers

Now let’s get to down to the aces of the team, pitchers! There are just so many different options that you can go here. Guys with high control and okay charts or low control and great charts. I would say everyone agrees that Clayton Kershaw best pitcher in the game has a 5 control and guys can not hit doubles against him. So we do not need to dwell on him.

The 2nd best pitcher in my eyes is Matt Harvey control 6 and guys get on at a 17 but they do double against him he is 600 points. The 3rd best pitcher is Felix Hernandez is just like Kersahw but a control 4 and goes 7 innings at 540 points instead of kershaw at 670 points. You have Max scherzer is the same thing like Matt Harvey but cost 1o more points because he has an extra slot for strike outs but I do not think its worth it if you need an extra 10 points. Cj wilson a control 6 he walks guys at 16-17 and doubles at 20 for 600 points I had him for a while I do like him and if you guys are reading I am willing to trade him. There are a ton of guys at 4 control that gets on at 17s and point values are at 400-500 you cant go wrong with any of them. Adam wainwright control 6 guys single at 16 but he does go 8 innings like kershaw only 2 in the game that go 8 without getting tired an he is also 600 points. Some under the radar guys that I think you should pay attention to is Zack Grienke, Jose Fernandez, and Jered Weaver.

Bullpen guys some many different options. Before we start talking about Bullpen guys there is on guy I do NOT get and that is Jim Johnson. So many different guys you can choose from but the top 2 guys are craig Kimbrel and koji uhera. You can basically go off a players chart and throw them in pen because there is so many guys that are similar. But you will need a solid pen do not go with a weak bullpen!

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