Dancing to the Beat

Today I was practiced for my dance frinday is the big day were I make my mother proud. This is were I act like nothing is new or nothing is going to happen. This is what I tell my friends when they think they are going to mess up because of their nervous.” The bigger you smile no one will see but your smile”

Nervous can be a big problem sometimes. Sometimes can be a dancer wost emeny. Some people can perform because they are to scared to do anything it’s called stage fright. Stage fright causes a lot of problems some people may not knew they have it until they are on stage, and they just freeze up on stage and don’t do anything or say anything but they did say something they sound like a robot. It’s like a deer under the heed lights. It hit people at the random moments, it can happen because the people you care and love are they watching you. Or when you mess up and you don’t know what to do so you freeze up, but the best time to freeze up is before the dance so you can calm down. The best thing to do if you mess up is to smile. If you smile even when you mess up most people won’t think or notice anything. I’m not say no will some people most people won’t. And don’t stop go on to the next move, keep the show going. If you hurt yourself keep going man up and go threw the pain and smile. You always have to smile no matter, unless a sad song look sad or if is a diva kind of song, just don’t break character. The show must go on up less you actually can’t move anymore.