Dance Rehearsal

Hurry Up

Well today we have the dance rehearsal. I have my spandex, leggings, two shirts, tank top, and dance shoes all ready in a bag. I have most of the makeup I need in my pack-pack (backpack, my dad and uncle call it pack-pack because I always bring it when we go on the motorcycles.) I forgot my water bottle though. Now I’m going to be really exhausted before and after dance rehearsal. Practice yesterday was alright. To me, it was a big waste of my time. Our dance teacher, Mrs.Eaton, could’ve taught the juniors when to come in on her own. But it’s alright. Walking and taking the bus was horrible. It was hot and I had leggings on under my pants, converse on, and two shirts. So I took my shirt off and just stayed in my tank top. Dress rehearsal is going to be annoying and crazy. I just want to watch the other dances and get my two over with so I can go home and sleep. I better get a ride home. Imma be really mad if I don’t. Susan and I better get a spot in the changing room. So we better go there right after school so we can pick our spot and get our clothes. We have to get an ugly skirt thing that feels like a net and a neon tank top. So if we go there early we can pick out the perfect tank top. I just want to get there early and get my things situated so I can change really fast. We only have one dance to change then we’re back on stage. That’s going to be the stressful part. I have to take off my tank top and shirt, then my leggings and imma try to just take off my leggings with my dance shoes on so I can hurry. Then I have to put a different tank top on and a shirt that’s cut up on, that shirt is gonna take like a whole minute to put on. Let’s just hope everything turns out okay.