Loving in March

Blog #2

Hey guys, this is my second blog! Are you ready? I know I am… anyway let’s get started shall we? As we advanced more into the month of February and March love flourished from all six girls. Three of them were crushing on the same guy (shocker!) while the other three girls were crushing on the other guys. Two out of the six girls got the guy they wanted; me being one of them. It felt like forever for him to ask me out but coming March 4, 2014 my wait was finally over. It was sweet and casual, he asked me in Spanish but just to be sure I made him repeat it in English, haha. Our choreogropher, and a close friend now, was finally contempt knowing we had finally got together. She loves to be in the loop and know everything. Even with the ups and downs March has been my favorite month this year so far.