I’m Currently Reading…

blog #1

Hey! Welcome back! I just wanted to inform you guys on what I’m currently reading. The story that has my attention at the moment is “Ambitious Girl” I actually just started reading it. I’m not completely sure what it’s about, but once I’m done ill make sure you guys are the first to hear about it! Lol. Have any of you tried it our yet? If you haven’t I hope you do soon. I’m excited to hear about which books you’ve added to your library, and which books you’re currently reading.

So far “Ambitious Girl” is about a girl named Platinum who’s just trying to make a living. She’s working at a night club trying to pay tuition for college. I found this book under the teen fiction category, but knowing me I might want to read something about vampires and werewolves. I know I’m weird, but people love it, I think. Lol!

How many stories have you guys added to your library? I have maybe around 20 and I have a few in my achieved folder. Writing can be so difficult guys! I feel like I have to outline everything! And when I get home I have to link it all together, and then find a quote from someone, and do a poll. It’s just a whole lot guys! Ugh! And I’m a procrastinator so you know it’s not really working out. Well I’m ending this blog because I have officially become frustrated!