First Week of Practice

Blog #1

The first practce started towards the end of February. I had missed that practice for some reason. The next practice I went to was the one where everyone was present. I was introduced to Flor, Jazmine, Michelle, Ricky, David L, Carlos, Juan, Jonathan and another David. I had already knew Jessica and Yesenia because we were close friends. In the begining most of the boys weren’t social. They would sit on the couch and look miserable while the girls would chat and get to know each other. The girls instantly connected while it took the boys a few weeks to actually start talking. Our choreographer Stephanie, who I later became close friends with, showed up looking indimidating. We didn’t really practice that day, it was more of a lets find out our partners and choose a song to dance to. I ended up being partners with David who goes to Stagg. The partners Stephanie chose were: Michelle and Juan, Flor and Ricky, Jessica and David L, Jasmine and Carlos and lastly Yesenia and Jonathan but those partners ended up changing real quick.