Auditorium time

Start walking

Well yesterday we went to the auditorium to get our places right. We’re basically going to do the same thing today and one of the dances I have to stay after school for. I feel like I should’ve been in the other two dances. The tap dancing one I was perfect, but she said I was too soft. How are you going to compliment me saying “When they were off beat, you stayed on,” and then not let me in? It’s whatever though, and the dance called “Spare” I should’ve been in too! If I was there for tryouts I would’ve been in it guaranteed. But my journalism work was more important at the time. She really should just replace Lacey with me. There are other people who deserve to be in it too. Shaunee and Lionell. But like I said, it’s whatever. I’m just mad that all my dances are at the end of the show and I wanted my family to see me more. Either way, it’s going to be fun. Tomorrow we have dress rehearsal. I’m gonna have to bring my makeup, my two shirts, leggings and spandex, and my dance shoes. I hope my girlfriend, Sam, stays with me so she can watch all my stuff because I can NOT have people stealing my things. No no no. It’s going to be chaotic. There’s all of the dance groups, an elementary group, and the after school activities are still going to be on. The last time when we were trying to change, we had to out poster paper on the door to block the people from looking at us. You know, there’s a lot of pervs at this school. The last dance show was fun. I got all dressed up for one dance though. This time I can’t really dress up. Imma just do my hair and makeup really good and tan my legs. That’ll be perfect.