2014 NBA Playoffs

For those of you who do not know what NBA stands for National Basketball Association. The NBA is a pro league full of basketball players and is very diverse. It was founded in New York City on June 6, 1946 as the Basketball Association of America (BAA). Some facts are the Boston Celtics have won 17 titles as a franchise while on the Western Conference, the LA Lakers have won only one short of 16 titles. One of the most famous players that has ever made an impact played in the NBA for 1984- 1993, 1995-1998, 2001- 2003 and the nicknames earned “Air Jordan” and “His Airness” the widely renowned Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Like all great NBA players they face the playoffs. The greats have battled during the off season and shown their greatness. This season’s NBA playoffs are very interesting. What’s interesting is how the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics are not in the playoffs this year. Usually we see the two rivials in the playoffs but not this year. I am not suprised to not see them this year because of how poorly the teams’ roster are. Heading into the Western Conference are the: Seeded 1st, San Antonio Spurs facing off against Seeded 8th, Dallas Mavericks; Then we have Seeded 4th, Houston Rockets against Seeded 5th, Portland Trailblazers; Seeded 3rd, Los Angeles Clippers against the Seeded 6th, Golden State Warriors; Lastly we have the Seeded 2nd, Oklahoma City Thunder facing the Seeded 7th, Memphis Grizzles. For the Eastern Conference are the: Seeded 1st, Indiana Pacers against the Seeded 8th, Atlanta Hawks; Seeded 4th, Chicago Bulls matched up with Seeded 5th, Washington Wizards; Then we have the Seeded 3rd, Toronto Raptors facing Seeded 6th, Brooklyn Nets; Lastly we have the Seeded 2nd, Miami Heat matched against Seeded 7th, Charlotte Bobcats. Judging from the Eastern Conference the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers will see each other again to get to The Finals. While it is harder to say for the Western Conference many of the dominant teams are in the West. The San Antonio Spurs will see the LA Clippers just because the Clippers has a dominant inside game over many teams in the West.