Not just a sneaker obession

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emtionally” -Christian Louboutin


My name is Jasney Sanchez, I’m 18 years old and I’m currently a senior at Cesar Chavez High School. I have been a sneaker enthusiast for about two  years now.  A sneaker enthusiast is someone who spends a leisure and money on shoes of all sort.

The obession all started when I was 16 years old, I would go on the internet and see all types of cool colorway sneakers that really grabbed my attention. As time went by I started looking more into different types of sneakers and their release dates and instantly became a fan after I owned my first pair.

I slowly started becoming more involved  in sneaker releases and slowly my collection started expanding. I don’t just collect any type of sneakers, my attention is drawn more into rare, uncommon found sneakers. There are monthly events that happen nation wide, there’s thousands of people who share the interest as me and go buy, sell, trade or just go for fun.  There’s also many websites to get a hold of limited sneakers like: // // //

I’m truly blessed to say that my boyfriend and I share the mutal feeling about sneakers! We collect sneakers together, he gives me his opinion and I give him mine. He has taught me so much I had no idea about sneakers, like their worth, how to find them, who to purchase from and how to tell if all your kicks are authentic. Having someone who shares the same interest as you is truly a great life experience, especially when you both know exactly what you want to do in life and what better way then to do it together. Sharing the same hobby has lead us want to create a small shoe store where anyone could sale, trade, buy or repair their sneakers. Although people may see having too many sneakers as a waste of money, to me it’s a hobby and an investment.