Breath Taking Stories


I absolutely love Wattpad; it’s a reading app, sort of like an E-Book, books online. You can discover breath taking, entertaining stories. People from all over write stories on this app. You can even create your own! You have your own profile that counts how many reads you have, people can vote and/or comment. You can follow other authors and other authors can follow you, and if you like a book and can’t stop reading it, you can add it to your library!

You can read multiple books at a time. It keeps track of what chapter you’re on, and if you finished a book but don’t want to delete it from your library, you can save it in the archived part of your library. You can find completed stories, or stories that aren’t finished. When the author of which ever story you’re reading adds a new chapter, or when someone’s replies to a comment you get a notification.

It’s like you’re in your own little world while reading a book on Wattpad. You can’t take your eyes off of the book once you started reading, you feel like you’re apart of the story.