An Everyday Life

It’s A Half Day~

Oh my gawd. It is finally Thursday, and guess what?!?!? It’s a minimum day at CCHS!!! Having a minimum day every Thursday at school is one of the reason why I like CCHS out of all the school here in Stockton. Some of my friends from other school said that they only get to have one minimum day every month, which sucks for them. But here in my school, we get to have it EVERY THURSDAY. Isn’t that awesome??!!? Heck yeah it is!! I mean who doesn’t want to have minimum day at school right? And we only get to stay in our classes for an hour. But there’s no lunch time, which is okay because the cafeteria opens right after school. The school ends at 11:55 every Thursday ^_^ Lol, well anyways, most of the students in CCHS either go to practice or buy foods from Taco truck or McDonalds or maybe hangout at the mall. Some people just decides to go home and sleep after waking up early in the morning. I do that too, sometimes. Today, Orlando, Keiona and I are going somewhere after our club meetings but we are still deciding where to go. Hopefully we don’t end up just staying here in school because it gets boring when everyone leaves. Well I have got to go now because 1st period is about to end. So byeeeeee c:

Let’s Talk About School…

Hmmm… we all know everyone needs to go to school for education. But the problem is, who loves to go to school?? I mean we have to wake up 5 in the morning to get ready and eat so we can attend school and most likely spend half of your day inside the campus trying to learn something new. Another bad part is we spend an hour or two, or even more, just to do homework and/or projects that the teacher gives us. That sucks really bad. Specially if your teacher gives out homework every single day, even weekends. Ever since we were 5 or 6 years old, we started going to school. To start learning. Get educated. Make friends, and all of those. But we basically spend years of our lives being in school and trying to learn lessons that we really do not need when we grow up and have work. And after being in school, we have to work so we can earn money to provide for our own families. Then we retire and we just wait for our time to come, I guess. Sometimes being in school is just really tiring. That’s why we have weekEND. But some teachers just give out works from school. I really think homework should be banned. Well that’s just my opinion. Schools should at least have a class about morals because young kids these days are doing too much. Even young adults. Worse part is their parents sometimes just don’t care about their education and let them do whatever they want. That’s why when they grow older, they will most likely not have a work or get married early. What is happening to our society? *sigh*

Best friend’s Birthday!!!

Today is April 29th, which is my best friend’s birthday. Her name is Katrina, “Kat” for short. She’s 61 years old now. I meant 16 years old lol. For me, being 16 is already old. Like young adult but still old. I know I don’t make sense and I’m sorry. I’m weird like that I guess. But anyways, we’re planning to go to her house and celebrate her 16th birthday with her family, which is my family too. As if we’re blood related but they still treat me like a real family. Days do go by so fast. 2 more years and we’re already graduating high school and we are definitely old by that time. But anyways, we’re just planning to go to her house and eat to celebrate her 16th birthday. My birthday present for her is a shirt and a pillow case of Benedict Cumberbatch, which is also known as Sherlock Holmes. She is definitely obsessed with Benedict. Like really really obsessed with him. She would yell and fan girl as much as she can just by watching him in all movies. She had also bought a lot of Sherlock Holmes books that are mostly 700 pages. Yes, she read all of them. And guess what? She is planning to buy more Sherlock Holmes book. So I am pretty sure she would love the shirt and the pillow case of Benedict’s face on it. I think it is an excellent birthday gift since she has been asking for the shirt since the beginning of the year lol.

Well hello and hi there…

My name is Lorraine Lilagan and I am 15 years old. I am a sophomore at Cesar Chavez High School in Stockton, CA. I was born on November 1, 1998 in the Philippines. Yes, I am Filipino and proud of being one. I grew up in the Philippines with my older sister Angelica Mae, who is now 19 years old and in college, and my mom. In 2010, my dad petitioned the three of us and that’s how we came here. The rest of my cousins, paternal side, came here first and now we are all living together. I’m this kind of person who loves laughing and being weird with my friends. But sometimes, when life gives too many challenges, I try to pick myself up and not think about it too hard. Because a lot of people are saying that if you are really stressed out, you will grow more gray hairs and I definitely do not want that. So I just try to laugh around and not show that I’m sad or anything. However, listening to music kind of makes me happy and cheer me up. For example, when I go to school, the first thing that I bring is my earphones and iPod. So when I go to my classes, I won’t get bored listening to the teacher. It also makes me concentrate and listen to the teacher more. But when I’m with my friends, I wouldn’t understand what they are saying so I just nod and LOL with them.