A Walk Through The Draft

NFL Draft Preview/Predictions

The 2014 NFL Draft is right around the corner. It being only 10 days away, there are many questions that millions of people are waiting to be answered. Will my team take Manziel? Is this our year to finally make the playoffs? Will Clowney live up to all of his hype?

Its pretty safe to say that the first day of the draft is one of the most important days of the NFL every year, Im here to discuss my predictions/preview on what you may see when May 8th arrives. I will only be going up to the 10th pick in the draft.

1st overall pick- Houston Texans, Had high expectations, but with constant injury and Qb struggle, the team managed to start 2-0 and then lose 14 straight games to earn themselves the number one pick.

2nd overall pick- St. Louis Rams, Played very well early on until their “Star” Qb went down with a torn ACL.

3rd overall pick- Jacksonville Jaguars, Seems to be a usual suspect when it comes to a top 3 pick in the draft. There problems aren’t going to get fixed by one draft.

4th overall pick- Cleveland Browns, A young Quarterback by the name of Brian Hoyer, showed signs of stardom last year until a torn ACL ruined his season. Will they draft a Qb or Let him take the lead as the Browns centerpiece?

5th overall pick- Oakland Raiders, Al Davis’s famous words, “Just Win Baby”, sure hasn’t shown to be true as of late. With three of their last five 1st rounds picks not even on the team anymore, they should look to draft talent, not ego.

6th overall pick- Atlanta Falcons, After high expectations last year, they pretty much hit rock bottom and now want to get back up. Will they trade up to take Clowney?

7th overall pick- Tampa Bay Buccaneers, After finally giving up on Freeman, they played Glennon. Do they keep him at Qb or will they have him on a short leash?

8th overall pick- Minnesota Vikings, Adrian Peterson doesn’t have much longer at the top of the food chain, Can they get somebody who will help him win a championship?

9th overall pick- Buffalo Bills, After the Ej Manuel pick from last year, it looks like they want someone who he can throw to. Maybe a Tight End?

10th overall pick- Detroit Lions, After the 2013 collapse, Can they snatch a good player and return to the playoffs?


About Me:

My name is Josh Knight. I’ve loved and played sports my entire life, but as of late i have stopped playing, and focused more on pursuing one of my many dreams of being an NFL scout. The information in my blogs are not facts, they are predictions and inside information.