Mr.Gann the new assistant principal


Francis Ruiz

If you didn’t already know, CCHS has anew addition to the principal team. Our new assistant principal Mr. Gann joined the school district in 2012. Originally he was a teacher for six years where he worked at John Adams Elementary. At John Adams, he predominantly taught math and science. Throughout his teaching years, he also taught ELA, social studies, and was the PLUS teacher at Adams.

Mr. Gann’s favorite memories as a teacher have always been the students. Being able to create relationships, having social interactions while getting to know them, and watching them progress throughout the years have always been his most enjoyable aspect of education. 

He moved from Adams to Hamilton Elementary where he became an assistant principal. The reason for him leaving Adams was to get into administration because as a teacher you impact only a certain amount of students. A lot of teaching is confined to the four walls inside a classroom. Mr. Gann wanted to extend his ability to impact students outside of the classroom and along with having a larger impact on the school as a whole.

For Mr. Gann being apart of the administration team is being able to see many more aspects of education. When you’re a teacher you have your same day-to-day students and curricula that are specific to you. You’re only worried about the subject you teach, as an administrator in Mr. Gann’s words, “There are so many more layers in education that you can be apart of. In the grand scheme of things, you see things through a larger lens. Not just getting students through my course, but getting them all the way through graduation, making sure they’re ready for college or have a career. You get to crossover all the realms that education has to offer.”

He has mixed feelings toward distance learning. As the new assistant principal and for him being new at Chavez, he hasn’t had the opportunity to really see students on campus, unless they come for certain things. In that aspect, it can be unfun for him because he loves getting to know and helping out with students. Beyond everything, he misses the students most of all and since they are not able to be at school, he has to communicate with them through a screen, which is not the same as it is in person. Having to stare at a computer just to be able to talk to someone can be very exhausting for the administrators and students. Mr. Gann is very excited to take on this role at Chavez and cannot wait to create more bonds with many more students in the upcoming years.