AVID Tutoring for All


David Garcia

Have you ever needed help preparing for a big test such as the SAT or ACT? Have you ever needed help on that difficult essay or homework assignment? Have you ever wanted to help others with their education and wanted to share your experiences? Well if any of these apply to you then the AVID program at CCHS may be perfect for you.

The main purpose of the AVID program is to prepare students on campus for college through equitable student centered learning. However, through equitable lessons and teachings students are trained to be tutors that will go around to classes and help students with any questions and subjects they need help with. The tutors will listen to their questions and do the best they can to point them in the right direction of success. Fellow Cesar Chavez junior Chelsea Vang said, “[Tutors] help students, we turn to them when we have a problem and they lead us to find the answers and are good listeners. They also help prepare us for the the SAT, college, and we connect to the AVID tutors as friends while they help a lot with experience to use to better my future.”

The Avid tutors enjoy helping the students whenever they can. AVID tutor Bladimir Rodriguez states, “As an AVID tutors, we are an important gear that helps students improve their academic performance. We must try our best to help them in order to make a significant change in their future.”

We are currently looking for people to join AVID and some requirements are needed. Students need to have a GPA of 2.0 – 3.5, they need to have the desire to attend college, and have good attendance. Other than that if you would like to sign up to be an AVID tutor or get tutored by an AVID student please see Mr. Cox in room G121.