Q & A With Titans Today

Are you aware that CCHS has Multi-Term off campus lunch passes?

We go out and ask students and staff their thoughts on burning questions.

Yoselin Quintero

” No, I was not aware of the multi-term lunch pass. What’s the point of renewing it each term when you already have it done.” Sophomore – Cecilia Arellano
“I wasn’t aware about, but it’s not fair for the seniors.” Freshmen – Angelo Alex Angel Hinojosa
“I wasn’t aware about it, but in my opinion I think it is not fair because everyone should have the privilege to go out.” Junior – Cassandra Arellano
” No I wasn’t aware. I think it’s not fair for the people that been having the card since the beginning of the school year.” Senior – Valeria Esquevel
“No, I wasn’t aware, but it’s a good way to check up on students and see how they are doing in classes” Staff – Mr. Cox