CCHS Winter Formal and New Years Celebration

Marcos Serrano

Cesar Chavez High school had their Winter Formal dance to celebrate the New Year. 173 students attended the dance from 7 to 10 o’clock on the evening of January 26. It wasn’t the biggest dance, but it was enough to have other students wish they had gone. The tickets only cost $10, but for the Academic Royalties they got in for the free.

Student Government students were the ones who planned and organized this amazing dance. Specifically Joan Miranda, Amy Vu, Stephanie Ma, Ceci Pedregosa, Athena Vega, Shyla Khan, and Fernando Alvarez are to be thanked for their hard work and dedication to bringing this dance to life. In order to put the dance together for the students of Cesar Chavez the leadership students needed to put together the following: a DJ, new year accessories, food, decorations, balloons, a photo booth, CSM’s, Stockton Police Department, chaperones, and custodians. Overtime the committee was able to put together everything that was needed for a successful dance.

Employee chaperones consisted of Mr. Jaing, both of the Mr. Jimenez’s, Ms. Alvarez, Mrs. Shelton, and Mrs. Kirwin.  The cost to bring this dance to life was just under $2000, still below the target of making a profit for future events. However, the students will have something to look back on and enjoy when they graduate. The highlight of the dance was the balloon drop. The count down, the celebration, and the balloons being thrown back into the air is a cherishable moment for everyone who attended the dance.