How To Survive Finals Week


Ysabelle Adame, Managing Editor

It’s the last week of the first semester and our last days are filled with stress and studying. Some of us lack motivation or don’t really know how to survive the stress of catching up on late work. Worry not here is an essential guide on how to survive Finals Week.

Step one: Organization (with time)

In order to survive finals you have to be organized not to the max but at least  set apart time for studying and catching up on work.  For an example all phones have an alarm or reminder, you can set those up for times of the day that you know you will home. Make a schedule and always plan ahead !

Step two: Eat brain foods

Loading up on fat and sugar can make you feel really low on energy and make you feel sluggish and unfocused. A  treat  won’t hurt, but  eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein, and “good” carbs to fuel you with energy that lasts long and that don’t cause you to have a sugar crash. DRINK WATER! Without water your body can’t function, your brain can’t function make sure you stay hydrated.

Step three: Study place

You definitely can not  focus on studying if you don’t have a great quiet place to be in, so finding a quiet room in your house is important. If there is no quiet place in your home find a library or Starbucks that is not too busy to have some coffee or tea and study away.

Step four: Sleep

There is no way you can  survive finals even if you do study all week if you didn’t get enough sleep. You will end up possibly falling asleep during the quiet test. Which is why making a schedule and managing time is a MAJOR necessity  for surviving finals so you can make sure you have your study time and your sleeping time.

Good luck on finals Titans!