The Fall of Mrs.Thompson


D222 at Cesar Chavez High School

David Garcia

Maya Thompson was a 28 year old teacher who had just been transferred from Appleton, Wisconsin to Stockton, California. She started teaching English in the year 2013. She was very passionate about her job always helping the other teachers get a smile in the morning. She shared her life with her students because she wanted to create reference between her and her students. She was currently finishing her master’s in teaching, while starting her new teaching job in Stockton and she was also engaged to her fiance of 10 years. Life was good and she was even enroute to earn a big promotion and raise and then she was assigned room D222 at Cesar Chavez High School.

The classroom seemed like a normal classroom at the start of the year. Sometimes the lights would flicker, but nothing too alarming. Until one day when she came in early one morning to find all her desk arranged in a big circle with one in the center. She thought it was just the janitors cleaning up and they forgot to fix the desk. Until she heard banging on the wall. The sound of someone knocking for her attention. They were coming from all around her. Suddenly, the tables started moving toward her, scraping their legs on the floor with every inch they slid closer to her. She ran out of the classroom and slammed the door behind her. But her torment didn’t end there.

As soon as she left she encounter a flood of bad luck. Her husband had called off the marriage and she was dropped from her college class for cheating on all her assignments. She then quit being a teacher at Chavez where she checked herself into the Stockton State Mental Hospital.  It is shocking to see such a cheerful individual be ruined and destroyed by darkness. Now we wonder what poor unlucky soul will be given the key to D222 next.