Jack Of The G Building


Ysabelle Adame, Managing Editor

The left side of the G building is hardly known by all students who attend Cesar Chavez, but the students who do know of the left side of G know the paralyzing laughter that seeps through the white walls.

Many students who have their classes in the left side of G have had the hairs on their arms raised as least once while walking to their class. and this phenomena is not limited to only students, but also teachers and CSMs have noticed the off feeling in the air that flows within the curved hallway.

There have been many reports and talks of a dark tall figure with long arms that are striped black and white with a swirl cone for a nose. It is heard that the mysterious man lives within the G building, he is known for walking the halls while releasing a growl like laughter that echoes through your bones and spine. His laughter is paralyzing and once you hear it there is no escaping the tragic incidents that are yet to come.

A student who has encountered the mysterious shadow stated that they had a conversation after school one Thursday while waiting for their Cyber High teacher. The student told the CCHS Oracle that the shadow was standing in the corner between G 109 and G 110 facing the wall. ” I saw him standing facing the wall I thought he was just on his phone, but I didn’t see a light. I saw his shoulders moving up and down like he was laughing.” The student told the reporter that he asked the guy if he was okay and he replied in a raspy voice with. “I have seen you before, in here.” “My skin began to crawl because it was my first time in the building and I am new.” The student added.

The dark shadow then began to laugh hysterically and walk his way towards the student. “When I heard his laugh I could not move my body, my feet were stuck to the floor. His face was pale white and had a swirl cone for a nose that stuck out. When he was face to face with me he let out a laugh that burned my ears and caused them to bleed.”

It was at that moment that the Shadow voiced his opinion. “They call me Jack, The Laughing Jack they say!” The student explained that the figure shouted as he stretched his arms out to wrap his hands around the student’s neck. The student cowered in fear, squeezing his eyelids tightly closed. At that moment the student heard footsteps. “Hey Kiddo sorry for being late I had to do a few things.” A teacher’s voice explained. The student told the Oracle that they looked where the figure was and he was no longer around. The student has since left the school cannot be reached for anymore comments.