Sacramento State


Vincent Harris and Ramil Mckinney

Sacramento State is a college for students who want something special in a college experience. They come to receive an excellent education from top faculty at our seven colleges offering 58 undergraduate majors – all in a vibrant urban oasis just a few miles from California’s Capital. They come to the state’s political, economic, and cultural center to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. They come to our 3,500-tree urban forest along the American River to find and develop their passions, and to live those passions beyond the classroom.

At Sacramento State, students see the world around them with fresh eyes, and discover the tools and opportunities to scale heights and reach goals they never imagined. Sacramento State is open to everyone who has completed high school and have completed the A-G classes with a ¨C¨ or better. Another requirement is that you must submit your Act or your Sat scores to the school. Sacramento State offers a CAMP/HEP program that ensures to help migrant or seasonal farm workers not currently enrolled in school to achieve equivalent to a  high school diploma and then obtain employment. Sacramento State works with the California State government to host the Capital Fellowship program through the Center For California Studies.

The university offers 21 intercollegiate sports and all of the teams participate in the NCAA division l. Sacramento State’s colors are green and gold and its mascot is the Hornet. The sports that are  Men’s Basketball, Football, Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Indoor Track & Field, Men’s Golf, Men’s Tennis, Men’s Outdoor Track & Field, Women’s Volleyball, Women’s Basketball, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Indoor Track & Field, Women’s Golf, Women’s Tennis, Women’s Outdoor Track & Field, Women’s Soccer, and Softball. Scholarships are offered for all of these sports.

Sacramento State is a good college to go to as it offers many internship possibilities especially in government, public policy, medicine and conservation biology state and federal agencies are here. Also CSUS provides a solid undergraduate and masters training in an environment that allows students to get real-world experience nearby. Sacramento State is a college is a good college for students who would like something special in their college experience.