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Movie favorites for students at Cesar Chavez

Ashley Vazquez, reporter

November 9, 2015

Many people believe movies are an excellent entertainment. Students at Cesar Chavez were recently interviewed  for their opinion on which type of movie they would prefer or enjoy watching more. For most students, this was...

Do You Like Movies?

Eduardo Estrada, Reporter

March 26, 2015

Movies have been around for a long time, from black and white without sound to color and high definition sounds. A lot of people love movies but some people don't really care for them or don't like them at all. There are man...

What Is Your Favorite Movie Genre?

Eduardo Estrada, Reporter

March 3, 2015

Who doesn't like movies, right? There's all types of movies out there, ranging from ones that will make you laugh until you cry to ones that will make you cry out of sadness. Movies can bring people together because they're so...

Why can’t life be like a movie

Daymon Ho, Christopher Haywood, and Justin Viray

March 9, 2014

Throughout the whole 100 students we have surveyed, an overwhelming 89 out of 100 students love to watch movies! "I love watching movies," Jonathan Quibol, Engineering and Environmental Studies senior said. "But most of the...

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