The life of John Supangan

A litte behind the scenes of John Supangan’s life

John Supangan is a 14 years old, a freshmen in the Freshmen Academy SLC, and the quarter back of the Freshmen Football Team. He has been playing football for three years. He was influenced by his weight. He was really unsatisfied with his weight, and decided that he needed to get more fit. To keep himself as fit as possible he goes to pratice everyday, eats peaches, and drinks muscle milk. To keep himself motivated, he always reminds himself of why he started playing football in the first place. His favorite NFL football team is the New England Patriots.

Some hobbies that Supangan has when he is not on the field is, that he loves to play basketball with his dad.

“My role model will always be my dad because, he’s always looked out for me. Although, we rarely see each other he’ll always be my role model, someone I will always look up to,” says Supangan.

His goals are to do the very best he can, and to led his team to victory.