Dogs are more than just Dogs


Dogs are known to be “Man’s Best Friend.” Dogs were originally domesticated between 14,000 to 29,000 years ago in Northern Eurasia being the first animal in the world to be domesticated. One of the amazing traits of a dog is it can smell 10 million times better than an ordinary human being. Many dog owners state that dogs are way better than cats because of their loyalty to their caretakers every single minute of the day, unlike some cats who hardly show love to their caretakers. 

Movies like Dog Purpose, Bolt, All Dogs go to Heaven, Togo, and other great dog films capture the perfect moments of a human and dog bond not just in a movie way but in real life as well capturing the perfect emotions. A lot of movies show how dogs are very special and very important to us in our lives, not just pets who we don’t care about every day. 

Some scientists said that the human and animal bond has evolved and grown for more than 15,000 years and today our bond with them is still learning as we are getting better at communicating with them every day. Why some people bond more than others is just simple. It’s because dogs as a whole reduce stress and anxiety, and provide a blanket to people whose days are not going so well. 

Dogs are important to us because they give people a daily routine and make us more productive every day. Some studies show that Dogs make people happier and make people live longer on a daily basis. Dogs give us a friend that we can hug, cuddle, and pet through tough times and they are always there when we need them. Their purpose in this world is more important than people think.