My Favorite Songs from NBA 2k14 – 2k21



I started playing NBA 2k when I was 11 years old and it has been my favorite game ever since. Throughout the years that I have been playing they’ve had some great songs on their soundtrack. So I am going to give you my favorite songs from 2k14 all the way to 2k21

NBA 2k14: Drake – Started From the Bottom – This song was one of my favorite songs because at the time Drake was probably one of the most popular artists at the time. And this song meant a lot to me because i just got done going through some things and this song related to me a lot. Also this song was just plain fire anyway. I give this song a 8/10

NBA 2k15: Snoop Dogg –  Drop it Like its Hot – Of course everybody knows this song, it’s a straight classic. I’ve been listening to this song since I was a little kid. When I found out this song was in the game I told mu dad and he got so excited. I give this song a 7/10

NBA 2k16: J Cole – Rise and Shine – Not only is this my favorite rapper, this song went so hard in this game and outside of it, it was the perfect song for a basketball game. Not only does he just nonchalantly rap every lyric, he also makes a few NBA remarks and its just great. I give this song a 9.5/10

NBA 2k17: Outkast – Rosa Parks – This is the game that put me on to Outkast and Andre 3000. One day I was just sitting there playing a couple days after Christmas and I heard this song and I asked my dad if he knew this song and he made fun of  me for not knowing the song. From there on to now i listen to them all the time I give this song a 9/10

NBA 2k18: Kendrick Lamar – Humble –  I remember waiting for this Album to come out and I was so hype when it did. Then I found out that it was gonna be on NBA 2k18 and i got the most excited I ever was. Even though this game was probably one of the worst 2k games in NBA 2k history, it did have some good music. i give this song an 8/10

NBA 2k19: Lil Uzi Vert – Sauce It Up – This song is a pretty catchy song. I don’t listen to Uzi a lot but this was probably the best song on NBA 2k19, because there wasn’t very much good songs. I give this song a 7/10

NBA 2k20: JID – Skrawberries – This song here is just simply a very good song. JID is a fairly new rapper but he is so good at what he does with his music. When I heard this I was surprised he had a song on 2k, because he was new. I give this song a 8/10

NBA 2k21: Jackboys – GATTI – This song gets me hype and motivated whenever I listen to it. This song is just a super hype and vibey song. I’ve never lost while listening to this song.  I give this song a 8/10