Bathrooms Need To Be Open Around Campus!

We want bathrooms, and we want it now!

A student should have the privilege to go to the bathroom when it so pleases to. Many students understand the 30 minute waiting period, to an extent, and that they can only go one at a time, but when they can’t find a bathroom near them, and have to go bad, that’s when the line is drawn. That’s why we need to have most, if not all, bathrooms open at all times.

Other than C building being open time to time, it is a known fact that the only bathrooms you can rely on to be open are the G building bathrooms. That doesn’t even make a major difference because C is right next to the G building bathrooms. This is depressing to know. That is why the need for the bathrooms is a real demand. A simple solution is for the janitors to open up the bathrooms, that simple. It just adds a very small task to their everyday routine.

It is unfair for students that are on the other side of the campus.

— Angel Sanchez

The only oppositions to this is that the janitors don’t want to open them because that means there are now more open bathrooms for them to clean, and that it allows more students to hide and do disallowed actions. First, that is just laziness, and second, just up the security around the newly opened bathrooms — if they aren’t there already–. It is simply not right to not allow students to have other bathrooms available to them at other areas on campus.

Students need to go to the bathroom, and shouldn’t have to have the waiting period prolonged if they are not near the G building. To the janitors, bathrooms across the school need to be open for easier access, at least a few more. And to the principle, if there is a rule prohibiting the other bathrooms to be closed, then please make it clear for students to know this information.

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