Usage of Phones! Our Lunchtime is Our Free time.

Lunch is our free time and our break time. If we could use them at lunch then we’d use it less at class.

— Minh Hong

Do you agree that students should be allowed to use their phones during lunch?

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Here at Chavezphones are not allowed to be used on campus and especially in the classroom. They aren’t allowed to be used in the classroom because they are considered a distraction to our learning.

It is understandable why they can’t be used in the classroom, but they can be used somewhere else in the school. Students should be able to use their phones during their lunch, but they still can’t.

That should be allowed. There’s nothing wrong with that. The school should allow them to use any electronics at lunch. There really is nothing wrong with that.

The solution to this problem is very simple and obvious. All they simply have to do is let us use our phones during our lunch. Our lunch, where we aren’t in a learning room. Our lunch, where we have time for us. At lunch, students aren’t in the classroom so they can’t be distracted or be distracting others. Guaranteed, they aren’t learning at lunch. It’s their free time. At lunch, they should be able to listen to their music and go on their phones.

They aren’t in the classroom so it’s O.K. Using their phones at lunch doesn’t bother anyone. There is no way using a phone at lunch can be bad.

Of course, there are some “bad” things about it that the principal or staff member could probably point out, but they’re not really all that bad. By using their phones at lunch students could possibly be texting someone else who is in class and by doing that they would be distracting that person in class. They could also call a parent at home to come pick them up from school early or even have a parent come and deliver food. They could also be playing music loudly near a classroom which could be a distraction for that nearby classroom.

I have actually witnessed students have their phone taken away at lunch by the CSM’s and I just wonder why that even happens. They didn’t do anything wrong. They’re just using their free time the way they want to.

Students shouldn’t have to hide their phone when they’re near a CSM or other staff member that could possibly take their phone for the day. If the school could simply allow it then they wouldn’t have to hide it. Students should just make a petition or something like that if they actually want to take action.

Besides, if the rule that we couldn’t use phones was even more enforced and strict then what else would we do at lunch? Lunch would be kinda boring. Think about it.