Bodies Aren’t Ugly, Bullying Is.

A common issue in society today, is the bullying based on their size. There are numerous people who are taunted and harassed everyday for being “too skinny” or “too fat.” It has been an effective issue that should be taken more seriously. This type of bullying has or will cause depression, suicide, insecurity, and isolation. The bullying on weight needs to be stopped.

The media acknowledges and praise slim women. They put out for society to believe that being skinny is attractive than being big and unhealthy. Little do they know, skinny people get teased too. “You are too skinny,” “You’re all bones, no meat,” “Do you eat?” “You’re so fragile,” etc. If we are skinny we get teased for being anorexic? If we are skinny, we don’t eat? Although, people who are big are normally teased the most about how fat they are. It has been easy for others to laugh and point at big people. “You’re too fat,” “You eat too much,” “You’re so unhealthy,” etc. If we are big, we are unhealthy? If we are big, we are disgusting?

We also have our own beliefs and opinions. However, that does not give us the right to pass judgement on someone because of their weight. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. But the bullying on this issue has gone far enough. You can’t expect people to be comfortable in their body if you won’t let them. People need to take the bullying elsewhere and oversee someones weight. You won’t ever get to know someone or make people feel confident if they are constantly being wronged for how they look or weigh.

All in all, just because someone is skinny does not necessarily mean they are starving themselves and just because someone is big does not always mean they are unhealthy. We all have a perfect body that we want but no body is. To mistreat someone because they are not thick enough or slim enough is wrong in so many ways. No one deserves to be disadvantaged or ridiculed for their weight. Bullying on someone’s weight, looks, beliefs, disbelief’s, etc. needs to be stopped altogether.