Wearing warm head coverings

We believe that we should be able to wear head covering in this type of weather. We all know it is not allowed but it’s cold and we should wear something to keep us warm. People can get skin cancer if it’s too cold and who is to blame? Should we blame the school, the district, or the rules? We understand that hats are not allowed, but beanies should be okay in cold weather.

When we wear the beanies we understand to wear them outside but inside should be okay. It should be warm for us and no need for any head covering in doors.

We believe certain students should wear something to keep their heads warm. Heck, we can’t even wear our hoodies on our sweaters. We the students should at least wear our hoodies if we can’t wear hats, or beanies.

The reason why they don’t let us is because if a stranger comes on campus he can just put a hat or a hoodie and we wont know. We guess its for our own good but really it’s freezeing outside and we should keep our head’s warm some how.

Outside is really cold and its not fair that we can’t keep our own heads warm but yet the adults can wear beanies or hats and we can’t. We think the rules should apply to everyone on campus. Even the adults that work there.

We all believe that all rules should apply for everyone regardless if your staff or not. These staff get mad at us for wearing something warm on our heads but yet it’s okay for the adults to stay warm. We think it should change.

should we wear head covering in school ?

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