The story and impact of Spider-Man


  Spider-Man as we know is one of the most popular superheroes of all time. Stan Lee, in 1962,  came up with the idea for Spider-Man came to light through a wave of teenage demand for comic books and the passion to make a character that makes young people relate to and identify with. Spider-Man through the years had made kids dress up as him for Halloween and inspired them to want to be like him. He is the only one responsible for children attempting to climb the walls in their houses while damaging their parent’s personal belongings costing the parents money for broken vases, TVs, and other broken climbing apparatuses from watching Spider-Man on their TV.

         The Origin of Spider-Man is an amazing one to hear, in an interview, Stan Lee explained that during the time the Amazing Fantasy title was failing he decided to make an experimental one-off teenage superhero character and bring him in to see what would happen with that superhero with fans. Later on in the journey the web crawler became a big-time success story getting his own title and becoming a great thing for Marvel across the big stages. Kids love the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man because he is so relatable to many who watch him or read him.

Peter Parker / Spider-Man struggles with real-world problems while saving the world against evil and still trying to look after the little guys and girls that look up to him as a figure. Then as Peter Parker, he lives a life of mess and hardship, but he lives by the famous quote “ You have a gift, you have the Power, and with great power, there must also come great responsibility.” He makes sure everyone is safe the best way he can while being a teenager surviving the life of Highschool.

      Spider-Man is well known for wearing his red and blue spandex suit covering his whole body with the famous eye lenses helping him save the people of New York City. However, there is a reason the suit covers his entire body. Stan Lee mentioned that the suit is like that so that every kid in the world who loves him could imagine themselves as the hero who inspires them and look up to him on a day-to-day basis wanting to change the world with their gifts just like Spider-Man.

Stan Lee gave the reason behind Spider-Man’s amazing powers. At the time he was searching for ideas for unique powers. Then he saw a fly climbing on the wall, and he instantly started thinking, “Imagine a person that has the power to stick on Walls.” It’s awesome to see people love Spider-Man with so much passion through the years he made us laugh, smile, and was a key part of the world of superheroes.