Why the New C8 corvette is 2020’s Hottest Car


Corvette first came out in the 1950’s and it’s been a constant in the American story ever since. The last few Corvettes have been great, but have all kept a very similar look. This all changes with the new eighth generation corvette, rumored to be named C8 Corvette.

The look of the car is a very distinguishable look from the previous models, one important thing that Corvette did is after many years of having the engine in the front they have decided to move it to the back or more specifically behind the seats, which helps the car with better weight distribution.

The only way to get the C8 is with a dual clutch automatic transmission. The C8 comes standard with a V8 pushing out 490hp with 465 lbs ft of torque, this makes the car go from 0-60 in a mind warping 2.8 seconds. The price of the C8 is under $60k. Being able to get this much amount of power and performance for under $60,000 has never been done before in automotive history.

Everything about the new 2020 C8 corvette is great from performance and price to looks. The only thing that seems off is the interior. There’s just a huge center console in the middle of the driver and passenger with lots of buttons which kinda ruins the interior look of the car, then again this car is made for performance not really daily use.