Q&A With the Tyson the Titan Mascot



I sat down recently with the new Mascot of Cesar Chavez High School. In the recent past, Chavez has been without a live mascot at school events and games. Recently though a new mascot has been seen attending different sporting events around campus. This past week I sat down with the Titan Mascot to discuss Life, School, Names, and why now? 

Q- What is your name as the mascot?

      A-The mascots name is Tyson the Titan

Q- How did we get the name “Tyson?”

      A-The cheer team came up with the name last minute

Q-When are you seen at events?

     A-I can be seen at the Chavez home games.

Q-Who is in charge of the mascot and the activities?

     A-True Titans are in charge of it. Them and leadership. 

Q- When were you chosen as the mascot officially?

      A- The student in the mascot costume has not been officially chosen, we will have auditions soon.

Q- Why did we choose to have a mascot?

      A-To pump up our school spirit!

Q – Why did we not have you before as a mascot?

      A- We did not have enough money before and now Leadership has raised money through fundraising efforts to afford the new suit for Tyson the Titan and CCHS.

Q – What events will you be invited to?

      A- I have been at sporting events on campus. And certain other events held on campus like the 8th grade Pre-Reg.