Top 5 amazing female video game characters


Princess Peach

When you talk about any female character in a video game Princess Peach is on or near the top of everyone’s mind. The ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom made her famous appearance in the first Super Mario Bros. game on September 13, 1985, created by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto the game director, producer, and video game designer at Nintendo.

The purpose of Princess Peach is to be the damsel in distress throughout the years of the Mario games and for Mario to have a goal to rescue her from the dangerous Bowser.  The reason Princess Peach is so loved is she is sweet, classy, kind, clever, optimistic, and adventurous. Throughout the years Peach has been an iconic video game character around the world that everyone loves her. Now that Super Mario Bros. is in theaters a lot of people are dressing up as Peach and are watching her on the big screen.

Princess Zelda

Also created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Princess Zelda the ruler of Kingdom Hyrule first appearance was back in 1986 in the original Legend of Zelda game and now she has a whole video game franchise based on her. The concept behind this incredible video game is to help and guide Link during his amazing adventures while taking care of him in his quest.

One of the other amazing things Zelda does is she can conjure a bow as a weapon and she can use telepathy to communicate with other people mentally and help them. Her powers are called the triforce of wisdom. The amazing thing about Princess Zelda is she’s kind and a benevolent ruler with amazing wisdom beyond her years and a deep love for the people she looks after. The meaning behind the iconic games is just simply it’s okay to follow your own path and not live up to the higher standard for other people. Princess Zelda is continuing to make an awesome name for herself.

Amy Rose 

The Anthropomorphic pink hedgehog was first introduced in Sonic CD in 1993 the first and last Sonic game to be released on the Sega Genesis and the Sega CD. Amy’s wonderful traits are that she is cheerful, slightly erratic with a positive attitude, and has an endless amount of energy. She has a major crush on Sonic calling herself his girlfriend and is very obsessive when it comes to the blue hedgehog.

Amy’s greatest strengths are her Piko Piko Hammer, enhanced jump, super speed, enhanced stamina, and many more abilities. Her weakness at times is she has a short temper which gets the very best of her from time to time causing her to swing her Piko Piko Hammer around and around.

What is so great about this character is she has a kind heart, never gives up, and is cheerful company to others including her crush Sonic the Hedgehog.


The 16-year-old zombie slayer and survivor was first introduced in 2012 in the episode named A New Day in the Walking Dead video game series made by Telltale Games. Clementine’s origin is very sad. Back when she was an eight-year-old little girl living alone in the suburbs of Atlanta with Walkers everywhere. She was found scared by a man named Lee who would take her in and be her guardian through the beginning of the apocalypse.

Her personality later on in the series changed from an innocent and kind little girl to a very smart girl. Also as the video game series goes on she begins to understand the tough and cruel world she lives in, but she keeps fighting to try to protect the people she cares about before she loses them. Her character overall is based on the art director Derek Sakai’s own daughter; he described her as having a crazy sense of fashion and picking out beloved types of clothing to wear often. Now that the series has ended a lot of YouTubers are playing the game and loving it while growing up with Clementine along the way creating a connection with her.


The video game character from The Last of Us has skyrocketed Ellie in popularity, and not just in her game, but in the new tv show series on HBO Max. Bella Ramsey is playing the 14-year-old character and so far she has done an amazing job in her role. Ellie’s first appearance in the game was in 2013. Ellie’s personality is amazing to see. She is strong, witty, and a little bit rough around the edges. What is so amazing about her is she’s immune to the fungal plague that wiped out most of humanity and has not turned into a monstrosity. Overall her whole purpose throughout the game was to demonstrate that a character bond could be made entirely through gameplay.