Can You Handle the Heat of the Hot Ones


Hot Ones, created by Christopher Schonberger and produced by First We Feast and Complex Media, is a reality Interview show on YouTube that a show that has been challenging celebrities with hot wings. They have set up challenges for celebrities such as seeing what their limits are on how many hot wings can be eaten. They start with ten wings that follow the Scoville scale. Each wing gets hotter and hotter moving up the scale until the celebrity can no longer eat any wings.

The Scoville scale is a setup to measure the level of spiciness of foods and chili peppers. The scale is broke in to Scoville Heat Units based on the concentration of capsaicinoids, the main component of heat and spice. The food starts at the bottom of the scoville scale with little to no heat and moves all the way to the world’s hottest spice. The man, the legend, Sean Evans, a producer, interviewer, and host does every interview with the celebrities eating the same wings as them.

There have now been 8 seasons of the series and he has interviewed over 142 celebrities eating the spiciest wings they can find. While the celebrities eat the spiciest wings Sean Evans asks questions. The questions regard their timeline and career followed by funny unexplained pictures on the internet. While they have a mouth full of a burning sensation, Sean Evans gets them to revisit memories and then move from sauce to sauce addressing funny jokes on how they improved throughout their career.

If you are into comedy and challenges I would recommend watching the Hot Ones on YouTube. They have interviewed some of the most famous people and some will surprise you. Each reaction is different and many will have you cracking up and wheezing from all the laughter. For season 7 they added 10 new sauces and some of the 10 hottest chilies.