Eminem Revival Review

Eminem Revival Review

This is Revival. It is Detroit based rapper “Eminem’s” 9th studio album. He takes shots at President Donald Trump and how rap has changed since the MMLP2. This  album also features Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, Kehlani, Phresher, Pink, Skylar Grey and X Ambassadors. There is a total of 19 tracks, 17 songs, an intro and an interlude. Eminem used a new advertising strategy and teased the album as a medicine commercial. I take a look at the first four songs on the album to give you my view. 

The first song on the album is called “Walk On Water.” This song features Beyonce who sings the chorus, “I walk on water, But I ain’t no Jesus. I walk on water, But only when it freezes.” The artists are claiming that even though their fans see them as god like, they are simply just people too. One of the better lines in this song is “My arms, I stretch, but I can’t reach. A far cry from it, or it’s in my grasp.” Em sets a goal for himself to reach, but it seems like he can’t reach that goal.

The next song is a single called “Believe.” This song is for the fans who thought he wasn’t coming back to rap. My favorite Rhyme scheme in this song is.

“And I started from the bottom, Like a snowman—ground-up, Like round chuck, and still put hands on you. Stayin’ wound up, is how I spend time Sucker free, confidence high. Such a breeze, when I pen rhymes, I just got that air about me, like wind chimes.” He calls himself a snowman because of how he came from rag to riches. He started from the bottom literally like building a snowman from the bottom up.

This song “Chloraseptic”  had got remix with a 2 Chainz verse and a Phresher verse. This song has 3 verses by Eminem. This is one of dopest rhyme schemes “so next time It’s gonna be heads flyin’ like Dez Bryant With a TEC-9 against Rex Ryan Now watch me set it like correct time All you get is sloppy seconds like a Timex, Clock rejects into the next life Talking reckless, but it’s just my Strongest suit, but you can get my Colombian necktie¨ He compares himself to Dez Bryant’s outlandish ways of complaining and talking trash through the media  and one of the common targets of is that of Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan.

The next one on the list is ¨Untouchable¨ In this track the Detroit rapper is talking about racism issues with White cops and African american teens. In his 1st verse he sings ”Black boy Black boy” as if he is the racist white cop. Eminem goes back and forth between taking the role of a black youth and as a white racist cop. “Black boy, black boy, we ain’t gonna lie to you. Black boy, black boy, we don’t like the sight of you, Pull up on the side of you, Window rolled down, profile Then we wonder why we see this side of you, Probably comin’ from the dope house.” In this rhyme he focuses on the stereotype of white cops and black racial tension across america to get his point across. 

This album was em coming back to rap, but he is fed up with trump, rappers, and the critics. He also brings back moments from other songs when he would talk about Hallie or Kim throughout the album. It also seems like this album is possibly a goodbye or thank you album to most of the people the mattered in his life. Check the album out now on Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, and at local stores.