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The Healthy choice to a better diet is subway. With their tasty variety of sandwiches from all vegetable sandwiches to all meat sandwiches. They also serve soup and cookies for a treat.

“Pete’s Subway” 

A seventeen-year -old had a dream and that dream was to join the medical field and become a medical doctor. To make that dream happen he had to find a way to pay for his future college. So that’s when “Pete’s Subway” from Bridgeport Connecticut became known. From there on he built his empire to the top and now Subway is well known everywhere for their tasty sandwiches.

Main Food item 

From the different varieties of meat, cheeses, breads, and vegetables, the choices are endless to go on your custom made sandwich or the ones on the menu that are already planned out. The main food item is a custom turkey sandwich on Italian bread with American cheese. The crunchy fresh cucumbers, olives, lettuce, banana peppers, Jalapenos add a nice texture to the bread. Just to make it more tastier, add vinegar, Oil, salt and pepper to add the last detail. Wash it down with a bubbly Soda. The value of this delicious meal is worth it.

You don’t have to be in Philadelphia to have a Philly cheesesteak. Come to Subway where they have it already for you. You can also customize it and add more ingredients to it to make it how you like it. The hot and ready cheeseteak is ready to eat and will satisfy your craving. With the bread nice and hot with the cheese melted on top of the juicy meat will have you coming back for more. The value of this meal is really worth it, you can also add a side of cookies,soda or chips to your wonderful meal.

The decor is very nice and it catches your eyes when you walk in. Specially with the good smell of fresh meat and bread will have your mouth watering right when you walk in. The service is right on point. With their fast skills they get your sandwich done with a minute with everything you want on it.

Subway is really the best way to eat !

— Vincent Firme


I do recommend Subway to everyone. Not only because you are eating healthy but you are having a good meal that taste so. Also everything is priced right. Not to pricey, just right. So go to subway and eat fresh ! 

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