These Tacos Are Bomb!

Crispy. Crunchy. Tasty. Taco.

There’s no other best thing in the world that isn’t your moms food! There’s nothing like a homemade dinner, that you will always enjoy every bite of it. You smell that delicious aroma when you enter the house when the food has been done or when they are doing it. That’s what happened when you enter into your home after getting picked up from school. Imagine the smell of tacos dorados (crispy tacos), that makes your saliva come out, when smelling it from the air. That makes you want to eat them already by the smell it. By making you want more and more tacos dorados, until your all full.

Tacos dorados could simply be called flautas, its the same thing. These tacos are a traditional Mexican food you will eat. Which you will love!! They are not like those tacos you get from a taco truck, these tacos are mainly rolled around the filling that you put on the tortilla and the tacos are fried until they are hard and ready to put on the side. Also, they could also be folded like a regular taco and just fry it. And you use the tortilla that is used for tacos no other kind but those. Tacos dorados were the early Mexican food that were developed to be in the frozen food. That made the United States government to determine that the taco could only have about 15% of meat inside. Now, tacos dorados are often sold in Mexico, by many people in restaurants or on the streets.

Tacos dorados can either have chicken, beef, potatoes, cheese, beans or carrot (mixed with potatoes). Depending on your family or visitors your doing this type of food, you will have an idea on how much you will need to make. If you are either doing chicken and potato together, you need to cook the chicken and boil the potatoes. After all that is done, you shredded the chicken, and put the chicken in a pan to cook with sliced tomatoes and onions in the oil, to give it flavor. When the potatoes are cool down, you peel off the potato skin and smash it or cut them into small pieces and mix the potatoes and chicken together. Get your tortillas and put a couple in the microwave for 30 seconds or until the tortillas are soft, you can also warm them up on the comal but do not burn the tortillas. The reason for this process is to not make the tortilla break in half. Then you get a pinch of the food your putting on your taco, put it on the tortilla and roll it, you can put toothpicks so the tortilla would not open. Put it in the oil and wait until the taco is golden brown. When that’s all done you put a plate with a napkin, so the oil could get off a little.

When you have your tacos dorados ready, you can top it with cabbage or lettuce, Mexican sour cream, tomato (optional) , queso fresco, green salsa or red salsa, and avocado (optional). To make the green salsa, you boil jalapenos and green tomatoes. When that’s all done you blend them all together with a tiny piece of an onion, some fresh cilantro, and a less than a half garlic. But watch out!! It may come out spicy but very delicious! Then it’s all done for your family or friends to enjoy it.

On the other hand, you can eat the tacos dorados with beans, rice, a salad, posole or anything of your choice. Normally people would eat it alone, just the tacos dorados. That’s how we eat it. The best drink you could eat it with, is a cold coca cola soda, it would taste bomb. If not you could pick any drink of your choice it will still taste great!

These tacos, will always be delicious!

— Yesenia Beltran

When the best mother in the whole world does this, she does it with love. The kitchen may be small but that part of the house is a place to have all the family talking and eating on the table with comfortable chairs. With all the walls all green with wood cabinets and photo frames of a tiger and fruits. With glass chilies hanging from the wall. Its a place to share laughs and smiles. A great place to be with the family or friends. And having that special person cooking, which is your mom, always having food for the people she loves. The kitchen is the best place and a perfect place to be in a household.

These tacos dorados are a must eat! They make your mouth watery. You can either buy the ingredients in your local Mexican store and prepare it at your own kitchen. Also, you can either go to a Mexican restaurant and eat them there, just depends on how they do it. You will love them! Bet you, you will want more and will make them again or go eat it at the restaurant.

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